Ronnie Minder's score for 'The Legend of Ben Hall' in the running for a 'Best Score' nomination at the 89th Academy Awards.


Official poster for Matthew Homes' upcoming creature feature Territorial, to be scored by award-winning composer Ronnie Minder.
Official poster for Diana Fisk's inspiring film True Vision, written and directed by Diana Fisk, executive produced by Sue Maslin (The Dressmaker). Scored by Ronnie Minder.
Official poster for Matthew Holmes' multi-award winning Western 'The Legend of Ben Hall'. Scored by Ronnie Minder.
The official poster for Ronnie Minder writing and directing debut, horror film Attic starring Joanne Dobbin, Tom Beaurepaire and Steve Jager. Also scored by Ronnie Minder.
Official poster for Sea Shepherd's American Documentary award-winning film Defend, Conserve, Protect narrated by Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters Afterlife, The Blues Brothers)
Official poster for Spanish thriller 'Borderline', scored by award-winning composer Ronnie Minder.


The official trailer for True Vision is available now. Find out when and where you can see the film on the official True Vision website. The original score will be released on March 15 and is now available to pre-order.

Ronnie scored Diana Fisk’s beautiful and inspiring film True Vision (Executive Produced by Sue Maslin ‘The Dressmaker’) . Watch the official trailer for the film here.

Ronnie’s award-winning score for Matthew Holmes’ epic Western 

The Legend of Ben Hall has been voted one of the best scores of 2019 by Cinemix Film Music Station. The soundtrack is available on Spotify, iTunes etc.

Ronnie’s purely synth Blade Runner inspired science fiction score is now available to purchase on iTunes and to stream on Spotify, Apple Music etc.

The original score for 

Sea Shepherd’s award-winning Defend, Conserve, Protect (Narrated by Dan Aykroyd) is now available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

Ronnie scored European mystery thriller Complete Strangers which will be released in 2020. The original score will be released in all stores soon. Listen to a few pieces from the score here.

The remastered edition of Ronnie’s score for Matthew Holmes’ multi-award winning Australian Western The Legend of Ben Hall is available in all stores now.

Ronnie finished his directorial debut psychological horror film Attic starring Joanne Dobbin, Steve Jager and Tom Beaurepaire. More info is to come. Listen to a short excerpt of the original score here.




Battle of Jugiong


Ambush at Bundaburra


The Mourning of May 5th

Stress Relief

We Failed the Whales

Among the Dead

War at Sea

Let’s Go Home

Whale Wars


We Are the Cycle


Eyes On the Prize

Finders Keepers



Sensitive to Light

Green and Gold


You’re Savage

Stereotypes Are Not Always Right

You’re Gonna Regret This

Please, Kate


Don’t You Shoot My Father

Scattering the Ashes

I Shot a Man


Life Always Has Other Plans

Farewell to Ryan

His Time Has Come

The Collector Hotel


Swiss born, Australian based film composer Ronnie Minder.

One of only four Australian composers short-listed for a ‘Best Score’ Oscar nomination at the 89th Academy Awards, Swiss-born Ronnie Minder has rapidly achieved exciting things in the world of film scoring since 2014. His first feature score for the Australian Western The Legend of Ben Hall (Executive produced by Greg McLean ‘Wolf Creek’) earned him global recognition, receiving major support from the US and earning him ‘Best Score’ at the Oniros Film Awards and ‘Best Composer’ at the ASIN Awards. Minder also composed the score for Diana Fisk’s inspiring television film True Vision (Executive produced by Sue Maslin ‘The Dressmaker’) and recently scored Sea Shepherd’s first award-winning feature film Defend, Conserve, Protect, narrated by Dan Aykroyd.

After having accumulated a wealth of experience in writing, composing and producing since his early teens, Minder’s unique sound, memorable themes and passion for music attracted the attention from filmmakers worldwide. He scored the award-winning Ren Kyst (Produced by Verity White, BBC), We are the Marine Society (Narrated by Simon Reeve) and he’s scoring another year of media wall films for one of the largest toll road operators in North-America and Australia Transurban. Minder continues to forge relationships with film makers across the world and he scored several TV campaigns for Porsche, starring Patrick Dempsey. He frequently collaborates with award-winning Bengar Films, scoring big budget TV projects and commercials. International films, documentaries & media projects he scored were seen by millions of people on HBO, video sharing sites and VOD platforms. His scores are often featured on iTunes US and Canada amongst composers such as Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat, James Horner and Ennio Morricone.

Minder is excited to relocate to Los Angeles in the coming years to further his career. Already having been offered major LA based projects, Minder is ready to take this next exciting step in his flourishing scoring career.