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/ JUNE 29 2021

Ronnie is very excited to announce that he is now a dual citizen of Switzerland and Australia. After living in Australia for many years, and having worked with many Australian film makers in the past, he is honoured to finally be an Australian film composer. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

/ JUNE 29 2021

Ronnie is currently scoring Matthew Holmes’ intense revenge thriller The Cost. After having composed a theme-driven score for his Australian Western The Legend of Ben Hall, Ronnie is composing an ominous and brooding orchestral/electronic score for his second feature collaboration with the award-winning director. The film will be released in 2022.

/ APRIL 21 2021

Ronnie is thrilled to be collaborating with award-winning director Matthew Holmes again for his upcoming revenge thriller The Cost. The film is their second collaboration after The Legend of Ben Hall which was released in over 22 countries and receiving numerous awards. More info and news about the film will be available soon.

/ FEBRUARY 04 2021

Ronnie is honoured to have been invited to be a member of the Jury at the prestigious international FMC - Film Music Contest 2021. Find more information on www.fmcontest.com.

/ DECEMBER 24 2020

Ronnie had the pleasure of scoring Diana Fisk’s inspiring television film True Vision. The film was executive produced by Sue Maslin (The Dressmaker). You can watch the film on demand and listen to the score on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

/ DECEMBER 24 2020

Ronnie had the pleasure of scoring Sea Shepherd film, and American Documentary award-winning Defend, Conserve, Protect, narrated by legendary Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters, The Blues Brothers). The original score is out now in all stores including iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

/ FEBRUARY 10 2021

Amongst his scoring work, Ronnie is also currently writing his feature debut Attic together with longtime collaborator Justin Leijon. The film is produced by 

multi-award winning The Legend of Ben Hall’s Russell Cunningham and is starring Joanne Dobbin, Jordan-Fraser Trumble, Tom Beaurepaire and Steve Jager. The short of the psychological horror was selected one of the TOP 100 Australian short films at the Academy Award qualifying St Kilda Film Festival.

/ JANUARY 02 2021

Ronnie had the pleasure of collaborating with award-winning Bengar Films multiple times over the years and he recently finished composing soundscape & sci-fi scores for the first quarter of media wall films for the newly opened Melbourne Central Tower lobby, also having scored stunning animated art by renowned Aboriginal artist Peter Farmer.

/ DECEMBER 24 2020

Matthew Holmes’ multi-award winning Western epic The Legend of Ben Hall has now officially been released in Spanish, already having been released in multiple languages and many countries. Ronnie’s award-winning soundtrack is available to stream and purchase in all stores. Ronnie is thrilled to be scoring the upcoming sequel The Legend of Frank Gardiner.

/ DECEMBER 24 2020

Ronnie’s original score for European mystery thriller Complete Strangers is out now in all stores. The film is Ronnie’s second collaboration with Spanish director Pau Maso, having scored his feature horror Borderline in 2016. Complete Strangers is out now, recently having been the #1 thriller on Amazon US. You can watch the film on all platforms and also buy the DVD in stores across the United States. The film will soon be released in Europe and Asia.